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Fruit Pops Recipe

These fruit pops are an easy and delicious summer treat, that make a simple fruit festive and fun. These pops are just made from melons!


1 small watermelon, washed
1 cantaloupe, washed
1 honeydew melon, washed
12-8″ lollipop sticks

(makes 12 fruit pops)


Slice the melons in half and de-seed.

Cut a few 1/2-inch thick slices from each of the different melons.

Using a small flower shaped cookie cutter, cut 4 flower shapes out of each of the different melon slices.

Using a smaller, circular shaped cookie cutter, cut a circular centre into each flower.

Pop the centres out of the flowers and replace them with a different coloured centre from a different melon flower.

Using a wooden skewer, careful poke a hole into each melon flower.

Remove the skewer and carefully insert a lollipop stick into the melon shapes, being sure to poke it all the way into the centre circle.

Set aside and continue with the remaining melon flower pieces.

Serve immediately.

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